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Just Eat Takeaway.com was created at the start of 2020 when two of the worlds leading food delivery services: the Dutch company, Just Eat, and the Danish company, Takeaway.com, merged.  

Together, Just Eat Takeaway.com became one of the most popular online food delivery companies, servicing a global marketplace that links its 98 million active consumers with over 580,000 local restaurants via their user-friendly platform.

The company operates in 25 countries, some of which include the Unit­ed States (US), the Unit­ed King­dom (UK), Cana­da, the Nether­lands, Ger­many, France, Italy, Switzerland, Por­tu­gal, Spain, Israel, Aus­tralia, and New Zealand, as well as part­ner­ships in South America, including Brazil and Colombia.

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Just Eat Takeaway’s 2021 gross transaction value (GTV) for orders was $32.1 billion, up 31% compared with 2020.

The company is listed on Nasdaq, the London Stock Exchange, and Euronext Amsterdam (NASDAQ: GRUB, LSE: JET, AMS: TKWY). However, Just Eat Takeaway recently reported they will be delisted from Nasdaq in 2022 “to reduce complexity and costs.”

The major shareholders of the food delivery company with 3% or more of holdings include the following:

J. Groen (founder)
Caledonia (Private) Investments Pty Limited
Tiger Global Management LLC
Cat Rock Capital Management LP
S.A. Klarman
BlackRock, Inc.
Templeton Global Advisors Limited
Baillie Gifford & Co
JP Morgan Chase & Co

Read on to discover more of the latest statistics on Just Eat Takeaway (JET). You can find a breakdown of the following categories below:

How Was Just Eat Created?

Usage statistics

Just Eat Takeaway’s global markets

Current Stock Price

Customers and demographic 


Delivery couriers 

Total orders 

Market Gross Transaction Value

Market share in the UK

Market share in the US

Total revenue

Head office expenses

Number of Employees

10 Quotes From CEO Jitse Groen

How Was Just Eat Takeaway Created?

Pizzas play an important role in the creation of Just Eat. Jitse Groen was hungry during a family party in the northern part of North Holland in 1999, but it soon became apparent that the pizza he wanted to order could not be delivered to his temporary address. This gave the Business Information Technology student at the University of Twente an idea: to create a website with as many restaurants as possible for ordering food online. Jitse Groen registered the domain name Thuisbezorgd.nl and bought a handbook for novice programmers.

Just Eat Takeaway Usage Statistics

thuisbezorgd omzet
  • JET completed over 1.1 billion orders in the last 12 months, worth $32.1 billion in gross transaction value (GTV) for orders in 2021. 
  • The company reported a 33% increase in orders, and a 31% increase in GTV compared with 2020, reassuring its financial forecasts for 2022. 
  • JET cooperates with over 580 thousand restaurants serving over 98 million consumers

Just Eat Takeaway Stock Price

Learn more about the current company value by checking the stock price on Google Finance.

Just Eat Takeaway’s Global Markets 

JustEatTakeaway.com is currently the most dominant food delivery company outside China. It operates in 25 countries, with its leading market being the UK. The company operates in:

Unit­ed StatesIre­land
Unit­ed King­domIsrael
The Nether­landsNew Zealand
Bul­gar­ia Roma­nia 

The company also has developing part­ner­ships in Colombia and Brazil.

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.

Just Eat Takeaway Customers and Demographic 


JET has 98 million users as of June 2021. Its most significant age demographic is 18-34 year-olds, and on average young families make up most of the orders. 

Source: Business of Apps.

Just Eat Takeaway Restaurants 


The food delivery company has over 580 thousand affiliate restaurants across 25 countries, with new merchants applying consistently. 

Source: Just Eat Takeaway

Just Eat Takeaway Delivery Couriers

The company’s couriers can choose between flexible or stable contracts. Their hourly wage varies depending on the country of employment; however, it is usually above minimum wage. In addition to the courier’s salary, they may receive tips from customers, and the brand offers social benefits and bonuses. 

There is no available data regarding the exact number of global JET couriers. 

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.

Just Eat Takeaway Total Orders

The company processed 274 million orders in Q1 of 2021, representing a 14% increase compared with the same period of 2020.

At the end of 2021, JET processed 1.1 billion orders, a 33% increase compared to the previous year. 

Source: Just Eat Takeaway

Just Eat Takeaway Marketplace GTV

The company’s gross transaction value for the orders was $32.1 billion in 2021, making a 31% increase compared with 2020.

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.

Just Eat Takeaway Market Share in the UK

According to Edison Trends, JET dominates the UK food delivery service market with 45% of its market share. Among the top food delivery companies in the country are UberEats with 26%, and Deliveroo with 27%, which share the remaining market share. 

Source: Edison Trends.

Just Eat Takeaway Market Share in the US 

In 2021, JET acquired the US-based Grubhub for $7.5 billion. Grubhub is a rival to the US market’s top food delivery company, DoorDash.

According to Edison Trends, DoorDash holds over 50% of the US market share while Grubhub has only 17%. However, the company is optimistic about its growth potential in the country. 

Source: Fortune.

Just Eat Takeaway Total Revenue

just eat takeaway revenue

In 2020 Just Eat Takeway.com made a total revenue of $2.7 billion, a 54% increase compared with $1.8 billion in 2019. 2020’s numbers went up 33% for the company in 2021 with a total revenue of $5.8 billion.

Sales (M $)831221662404162 0424 495
Forecasted Sales (M $)1652394152 3384 946
Spread+0.74% -0.24%+0.19%-13%-9.1%

A breakdown of the company’s sales per term are as follows:

2019 S12020 S12020 S22021 S12021 S2
Sales (M $)2047411 5011 9473 003
Forecasted Sales (M $)1941 0011 4822 4182 916
Spread+5.4% -27%+1.6%-19%+3.0%

Despite their competitively low fees, the company’s introduction of delivery fees comprised 11% of Just Eat Takeaway’s total revenue in 2020. 

Other drivers of their revenue increase were the merge of Takeaway.com with Just Eat, the increase in orders, significant growth in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, and the expansion of delivery fees to other European markets in 2020. 

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.

Just Eat Takeaway Head Office Expenses

Head office expenses include non-allocated expenses and major operating expenses, i.e., staff costs, and global support teams, such as legal, finance, human resources, board, and more. 

The brand’s head office expenses increased from $136 million in 2019 to $187 million in 2020. The main drivers of the increase were investments the company made to expand their global teams to support the brand’s growth and implement business efficiency. 

Source: Just Eat Takeaway.

Just Eat Takeaway Employees

JET stats

In 2021 the food delivery company had 15,000 employees across 25 countries worldwide, an increase from 5,423 employees in 2020. 

In December 2021 Jitse Groen – CEO of Just Eat Takeaway said:

It is very satisfying to set up a company with 20,000 employees. I think you can compare it to working on the railways in the nineteenth century. You can say later: I was there when we only had 200 kilometers of track, or when that one locomotive arrived. That’s the way you have to see it, now is that time.

Jitse Groen. Source: FD on 25 December 2021.

Source: LinkedIn, Forbes

Just Eat Takeaway CEO Jitse Groen

Jitse Groen is a Dutch entrepreneur who founded Just Eat Takeaway (known as Thuisbezorgd.nl in The Netherlands) in 1999. The idea of Thuisbezorgd.nl came to mind during a family gathering in 1999. He tried to order Chinese online, but was unsuccessful. He saw a gap in the market and registered at the Chamber of Commerce.

Jitse Groen Quotes

Our biggest expense is marketing.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

Every year I get promoted to a company that is 50% bigger.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

Those 500 men (staff) are on average 29 years old. So actually it’s a big miracle that it’s going so well.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

Our biggest competitor is still the telephone.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

I’m always glad I didn’t start a screw website. Then it might have become a little less successful.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

If I had not had a student grant, Thuisbezorgd.nl would no longer exist.

Source: Manners Magazine | 2021.

The first seven hundred restaurants I really had to beg to be on my website.

Source: Manners Magazine | 2021.

I think we spent about 100 times more in Germany than I ever thought we could have spent there.

Source: Podcast Fast Moving Targets | 2015.

If I was doing it for the money, I would have sold when the company was worth 10 million.

Source: Interview Quote | 2020

All acquisitions by Jitse Groen

  • Bistro.sk
  • Grubhub (Founder Matt Maloney, now Member of the Management Board)
  • Just Eat
  • Pizza.de
  • Foodora (from Delivery Hero)
  • 10bis.co.il
  • BGMenu.com
  • Oliviera.ro
  • Foodarena.ch
  • Pizza.pt
  • Justeat.be
  • Just-eat.nl
  • Food-express.com
  • Tantebep.nl
  • Resto-in.be / Resto-in.de
  • Lieferando.de (Founder Jörg Gerbig founded, now COO)
  • Pyszne.pl (Co-Founder Arkadiusz Krupicz, now Country Manager and Piotr Czajkowski, now Director Program Management)

Source: Podcast Jong Beleggen

Cat Rock

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The Just Eat Takeaway Brand has various partnerships and services in the works. One of its main focuses is to continue developing its Takeaway Pay service worldwide, which allows businesses to provide their employees with meal stipends or discount cards for ordering lunch from the wide variety of restaurants that affiliate with them. This service has been massively adopted and successful in its Israeli market. 


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