The Best Pie in Amsterdam

For all those sweet tooth’s and lovers of cake we’ve made this list containing the top 5 bakeries in Amsterdam. This is where you’ll find the best pie in Amsterdam, try em all whilst your in town!

Best Pie In Amsterdam At Wine At Le Petit Deli

best pie in amsterdam
Delicies pie from Le Petit Deli.

Everybody in Amsterdam already knows about Patisserie Holtkamp and Kuyt, but there are even more hidden gems in the city. Le Petit Deli is one of them. Step into the business and imagine yourself in Paris: the éclairs and choux are flying around you. But a Dutch apple pie is of course also on the menu, as are various other small cakes. And if you fancy a drink? Below the store is a wine cellar, and the owners are happy to advise you with your purchase 

Le Petit Beli on Google Maps: Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 16

Homemade Bakings At: Baksels

food in amsterdam netherlands
The infamous red velvet cake is very good here!

All by herself, owner Léonie Jeursen started her business Baksels in 2013: a mecca of home-made cakes and cookies. Business went so well that a year ago it was time for expansion. And it worked, just around the corner on Kinkerstraat. Now there are three employees in the spacious store every day and they’re baking like crazy. There are rumors that red velvet is the best cake in Amsterdam, so go and taste it yourself.

Bakels on Google Maps: Kinkerstraat 51

Best Pie In Amsterdam With A Nordic Twist At Selma’s

best pies near me

In Swedish culture, fika stands for a moment of rest, which happens there daily in the form of a coffee break with some goodies. If you want to experience this yourself, you have come to the right place at Selma’s. The bestsellers of the luncheon are the cinnamon bullar: Swedish cinnamon buns full of spices and organic ingredients. They are freshly baked daily, so be quick, because they run out fast.

Selma’s on Google Maps: Jan van Galenstraat 70h

Best Pie in Amsterdam: Gartine

must eat in amsterdam

An oasis of tranquility in the busy city center: at Gartine you can not only have a good breakfast and lunch, but you will also enjoy yourself as a sweet tooth. Go for a high tea or order the cake per point. The ingredients come directly from the vegetable garden, and let’s face it: doesn’t such a fluffy chocolate cake with rosemary sound even better?

Gartine on Google Maps: Taksteeg 7

Best Pie In Amsterdam: Sea Salt & Chocolate

popular food in netherlands

Suppose it’s evening, you’re sitting on the couch and suddenly get a huge appetite for sweet cake. Then you should go to Sea Salt & Chocolate: here you can order cake until eleven o’clock in the evening. Because of her marriage to a Dutchman, the Indian owner ended up in Amsterdam. She has taught herself how to bake and shares her recipes with love with the rest of the world. Her favorite is the sticky toffee – take advantage of it. 

Sea Salt & Chocolate on Google Maps: Sint Willibrordusstraat 58

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