5 Tips For A Delicious Croissant in Amsterdam

Everybody loves croissants! However, quality can differ a lot depending on where you buy them. We’ve made a top 5 selection of the best croissants in Amsterdam.

French Croissant Shop Amsterdam South

Best croissants in Amsterdam Le Fournil de Sébastien

Le Fournil de Sébastien on Olympiaplein (Olympia Square) has become a household name for many Amsterdam residents. According to many, this French baker’s croissants are the very best in Amsterdam, and with good reason. Everything is made fresh in the middle of the night, including the perfectly layered croissants (€ 1.30). You can also go here to get a real French baguette or a variety of pastries.

Address: Le Fournil de Sébastien, Olympiaplein 119.

Best Croissants In Amsterdam In City Centre

Best croissants in Amsterdam Gebroeders Niemeijer

In the over ten years that Gebroeders Niemeijer have existed, they’ve become known as one of the better bakeries in the city. Here you can pick up your freshly baked croissant (€ 1.60), but it is even more fun to eat your buttery snack while sitting overlooking the kitchen. For the hungry breakfast there is also an option to order a full French breakfast. Croissant included of course.

Address: Niemeijer brothers, Nieuwendijk 35.

Old Croissant Shop Amsterdam Albert Cuyp Market

Best croissants in Amsterdam Simon Meijssen

With seven locations, the Amsterdam baker Simon Meijssen is doing very well. That’s also allowed with such a track record: the bread shop on the Albert Cuyp has been around for more than a hundred years. In addition to the famous Brood van Meijssen, fresh, crispy croissants (€ 1.50) are also sold. Also nice: the branch on the Zuidas delivers, for when you are too busy to walk to the bakery during your break.

Address: Simon Meijssen, Albert Cuypstraat 78.

Best Croissants In Amsterdam: Whole Grain

Best croissants in Amsterdam Hartog

Like Simon Meijssen, Hartog has been a household name in Amsterdam for years. This bakery, which has been around since 1896, grinds its own wholemeal flour. The whole grain is in the flour, making it very fiber-rich. All the bread from this old-fashioned bakery shop is baked with it, including the croissants (€ 1.35). This produces coarse, dark croissants. Different from the other four, but certainly not less tasty.

Address: Hartog’s Volkoren, Wibautstraat 77.

Amsterdam’s Baking Dynasty in North

Best croissants in Amsterdam de Bakkerzonen

Bakery De Bakkerszonen is owned by Johan Hartog and Martijn Meijer. The two sons of well-known Amsterdam baker families joined forces to open their very own bakery. In the business in Amsterdam North you can buy all kinds of delicacies. From pastries and bread to oliebollen (all year round!) And of course some of the best Croissant In Amsterdam (€ 1.60). If you feel like something sweet but also want a delicious butter roll, you can order a cream croissant.

Address: De Bakkerszonen, Mosveld 113.

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