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Don’t take unnecessary risks when you want to use drugs. It would be a shame if you get a bad experience in Amsterdam. Discover this article, learn the best tips and avoid unwanted surprises.

These Amsterdam tips for cannabis use will guarantee that you are well prepared and have the best possible experience!


Amsterdam Drug Laws


In 1976 the Opium law was changed in the Netherlands. For then on out there’s been a distinction in the Dutch drug law between soft and hard drugs. This also started the policy of tolerance when it comes to coffeeshops. Toleration regarding soft drugs means that the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops is a criminal offence but that the Public Prosecution Service does not prosecute coffee shops for this offence.

Neither does the Public Prosecution Service prosecute members of the public for possession of small quantities of soft drugs. These quantities are defined as follows:

  • no more than 5 grams of cannabis (marijuana or hash) per person
  • no more than 5 cannabis plants per household.

1 | Ask For Some Real Dutch Weed

Tips For Cannabis Use in Holland
A Dutch pre-rolled joint.

Do you want to have the real Dutch experience? Ask the coffeeshop employee for some real Dutch weed – after all you are in the Netherlands! Moreover, Dutch weed is known to be relatively strong, ie: THC content of approximately 16 to 17%. Don’t go for the often-imported Moroccan hash if you want a real Dutch experience, because Moroccan hash is of course not a Dutch product 🙂

2 | Try Dutch Chocomel (Chocolate Milk) With Cannabis

Weed with Chocomel is a must-try
Weed with Chocomel is recommended by frequent users.

One of the best Amsterdam tips for using weed is to buy some chocolate milk to drink whilst your smoking a joint. The Nutricia brand is the best; real Dutch milk with chocolate flavor. Many “frequent stoners” love the combination of Chocolate milk and cannabis. Many coffeeshop offers their unique own twist on chocolate milk.

chocomel weed cannabis Amsterdam

Otherwise it’s also available in every Amsterdam supermarket, such as the Albert Heijn, Dirk, Jumbo, Spar, Deen, Aldi, etc. Albert Heijn supermarkets offer Chocomel liter packs from 1.45 euro and small 300 ml packs from 1.02 euro. Other delicious Dutch must-try’s can be found over here.

3 | Know The Amsterdam Drug Laws

Cannabis is legal in Amsterdam, well, strictly speaking it’s just tolerated by the Dutch government. This means you can only have a maximum of 5 grams of cannabis on you per person (should be enough, right?). You can purchase all types of weed, hash and different types of cannabis oils.

Smoking in public outside of coffeeshops is tolerated. Take other people on the street into account. Only 7.5% of the Dutch population smokes cannabis once a year (source). Only 4.6% of Dutch people use cannabis once a month (source). So assume that other people on the street are not waiting for your smoke.

Amsterdam Tips: Smoke cannabis somewhere without bothering others.

8 Laws For Coffeeshops in the Netherlands

Did you know that you can legally grow five cannabis plants, for non-commercial use, when you live in the Netherlands?

4 | Amsterdam Tips: Bring Cash!

coffeeshop superskunk amsterdam
A coffeeshop on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

A lot of coffeeshops in Amsterdam are cash only, so don’t forget to bring some cash. Those that do accept creditcards are in the minority. Be sure to have a chip and PIN card though, these are the standard in the Netherlands and much of Europe. 

5 | Do not Mix Cannabis & Alcohol

alcohol sign
Amsterdam Red Light District.

Especially those who have little experience with cannabis. Dutch cannabis can be strong. In average, it contains 16% THC. It’s smarter (and better) to start with cannabis without using alcohol at the same time. 

6 | Cannabis Strains Guide

Amsterdam Tips For Smoking Weed Cannabis Strains
Every cannabis strain has its own effect.

If you want to get active effect from cannabis, you’ll need to ask for the Sativa type strains. If you just want to feel that relaxing effect you can go for Indica types. However, most cannabis strains in coffeeshops in Amsterdam consist of a cross between Indica and Sativa. If you want to try a single type, you must specify this at the counter. The best thing to do is to get a pre-rolled joint in which the percentage of THC does not exceed 15 percent, or to choose a type in which there is a reasonable amount of CBD in addition to THC. A handy way to remember the difference is that indica’s are for staying “in” and sativa’s are for partying and going outdoors. A great way to remember the difference is that INdicas are for staying “IN-doors” and sativa’s are for going out.

7 | Do Not Bother The Locals With Your Cannabis-Use

Only 4.6% of the Dutch uses cannabis occasionally, once per month (source). In other words; it’s not really popular in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has way more alcohol users than cannabis users. Drinking alcohol is also much more (socially) accepted than smoking cannabis.

So, please do not disturb others with your cannabis-use through odour, noise, or otherwise. Just be considerate and respectful towards the locals.

8 | Just Chill

10 Tips For Cannabis Use in Amsterdam
Light up a joint, relax & enjoy the things around you.

Don’t panic if you experience any mild hallucinatory effects when smoking for the first time. First timers may experience some weird auditory and perception sensations. This is just your brain adjusting to its first trip on cannabis. The high always passes, so just stay at ease and keep in mind that you’ll never have to do it again if it sucks that much. Regular cannabis use normally doesn’t create hallucinations it just heightens your emotional processing and sensory perception. So, just relax, enjoy and have a great experience. 

9 | Know Your Limits 

Dutch weed joint holland capital
Take it easy and “pass the Dutchie”!

This is probably the most important point of the Amsterdam tips for cannabis use list. Like with all things in life there will be a lot of trial and error at the start, take all those experiences and learn from then. Especially when it comes to knowing your limits. Find a place that makes you feel at ease and only do it with trusted friends. If you are going to have bad high there should be people there who will help you out without judgment for when you are either too stoned or too frightened. However you can easily avoid those situations simply by taking your time. Don’t feel embarrassed when passing a turn, and by listening to your instincts. You’ll definitely feel it when you’ve have enough. Always keep in mind that nobody has ever died from too much cannabis, but too much has given plenty of people a bad experience. 

10 | Be Extra Careful Of Cyclists in Amsterdam

Tips for Cannabis Use in Amsterdam
Be extra careful for cyclists in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has currently 873.200 inhabitants, and even more bicycles. The cyclists are everywhere in Amsterdam! In general, they don’t tend to stop or even slow down. The locals have spotted you much sooner than you. Nevertheless, be careful and take your time when crossing.

Most cycling lanes in Europe can be found in the Netherlands. Are you considering to rent a bike in? Read this article that describes how to cycle around in Amsterdam.

When walking out of a coffeeshop stoned (and without checking both ways), there’s a big probability of putting yourself and a cyclist in danger. Look out where you’re going!

Look left, look right, look left, look right, look up, look down, look into the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension, look into the past, look into the future, cross, still get hit by a bike 😀

Amsterdam Drugs Facts

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Did you know that Amsterdam has 164 coffeeshops?

Did you that there used to be a legal cocaine factory in Amsterdam?

Did you know know cannabis in Holland is not checked on its quality/content by the Dutch government?


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