Amsterdam Airport: The Ultimate Schiphol Guide 2024


If you’re travelling to Amsterdam, or are an expat living in the city, you’ll likely need to know your way around Schiphol Airport. It is located just outside Amsterdam, about 9 kilometers from the city center.

You can be at Amsterdam Red Light District in 28 minutes by public transport from Schiphol. With its endless shopping options, restaurants and cafes, and other amenities, Schiphol can be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with it.

This guide will give you all the information you need to make your time at Schiphol as smooth as possible! Check out the extremely useful tips from locals below.

Getting to and from Schiphol Airport

Getting to and from Schiphol Airport is relatively easy, thanks to the airport’s convenient location just 9 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam’s city center. You have several transportation options available, including trains, buses, taxis, and rental cars. If you’re traveling by train, you can take the direct connection from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol Airport in just 15 minutes. Buses also run regularly between the airport and various destinations in Amsterdam and the surrounding area.

If you prefer to take a taxi or rent a car, be aware that fares can be expensive. It’s a good idea to research prices in advance and book ahead if possible. If you’re driving to the airport, you can choose from several parking options, including short-term and long-term parking lots. Keep in mind that parking fees can add up quickly, especially for longer trips.

To ensure you get to the airport on time, it’s best to plan your journey in advance and leave plenty of time for unexpected delays. Check your flight’s departure time and take into account the time it will take to navigate security and customs at the airport.

Navigating Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe, with a vast terminal complex that can be confusing to navigate at first. However, the airport is well-organized, and there are plenty of signs and maps available to help you find your way. The airport is divided into several areas, including Departures, Arrivals, and Schiphol Plaza. Each area has its own facilities, such as shops, restaurants, and lounges.

To ensure a smooth airport experience, it’s essential to be aware of the security and customs procedures at Schiphol Airport. There are several security checkpoints throughout the airport, where you’ll need to pass through metal detectors and have your bags screened. Be sure to follow the rules regarding liquids, gels, and other restricted items. At customs, you’ll need to present your passport and any required documentation, such as a visa or health certificate.

If you have a long layover or delay at Schiphol Airport, there are plenty of things to do to pass the time. You can explore the airport’s many shops and restaurants, relax in one of the lounges, or even take a guided tour of the airport.

Amsterdam Airport Arrivals

Arrival on Schiphol.

If you’re flying into Amsterdam, chances are you’ll be landing at Schiphol Airport. Amsterdam’s main airport is one of the busiest in Europe, handling over 63 million passengers each year. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most efficient, with a wide range of facilities and services to make your arrival as smooth as possible.

Delta airplane


What can be said about this airport? It’s just beautiful and huge, it was great to visit. Super effective and fast checks. Friendly and super helpful staff. The airport is really very clean and safe. The airport can be easily reached by public transport or alternatively by taxi which cost around 13 euros per person.

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The airport is divided into three main terminals: Terminal 1, 2, and 3. Make sure you know which terminal your flight is arriving into so you can head to the correct area.

When you land, head to the baggage claim area to collect your luggage. From there, you can either make your own way into the city or take advantage of the airport’s excellent public transport links. There are trains and buses that run directly into Amsterdam, and it’s very easy to purchase tickets. If you’re renting a car, you can also find all the major rental companies at Schiphol.

KLM airplanes.

Once you’ve left the baggage claim area, you’ll enter the main airport complex. This is where you’ll find a wide range of shops, restaurants, and other amenities. There’s also an information desk where you can get help with anything you need. Whether you’re looking for directions or advice on what to see and do in Amsterdam, the staff at the information desk will be more than happy to assist you.

One of the best airports I’ve been to. The cleanliness is on the top. It is my second time here . The things are pretty much changed but still one of the best airports. They have pretty much all European leather goods brands inside the airport to shop from.

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Schiphol Departures

Amsterdam airport departures

Schiphol has five main departure terminals (A-E), each with its own check-in and security facilities. There are also numerous shops, restaurants, and bars located throughout the airport.

Schiphol is well-connected to the Dutch public transportation network, and there are a number of ways to get to and from the airport. By far the most popular way to travel to Schiphol is by train. The airport has its own train station, which is connected to the Dutch rail network. There are also a number of bus and taxi services that operate to and from Schiphol.

Plane departure

In general, you need to be at Schiphol two hours in advance for European flights, and three hours for intercontinental flights.

What is wrong with Schiphol Airport lately?

man with suitcase waiting on airport while watching a plane depart.

It’s no secret that airports can be stressful places. Between the long lines and the TSA checkpoints, it’s easy to get frazzled before even boarding your flight. But in recent years, Schiphol Airport has been garnering a reputation for being particularly chaotic.

Luggage and security delays are becoming more and more common, and passengers are growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. In fact, a recent survey found that nearly 60% of travelers had a negative experience at Schiphol in the past year.

busy airport with people waiting and sitting next to each other

While the airport has taken steps to improve the situation, such as increasing staff levels and investing in new equipment, it seems that the problems are only getting worse. Until Schiphol can get its act together, passengers may want to consider flying into another airport.

CEO Schiphol Resigned

Dick Benschop has resigned as CEO of Schiphol on 15 September 2022. He made his position as President and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group available to the Supervisory Board last night. He will remain in office until there is a successor.

The airport has been criticized in 2022 because passengers had to deal with long lines and canceled flights. That started in the spring at the beginning of the May holiday. Baggage workers stopped working en masse in protest against the shortage of staff and the high workload. They also demanded better working conditions.

The CEO of Schiphol Amsterdam:

Dick Benschop also says that Schiphol will announce “new restrictions” for the coming weeks today or tomorrow. “That is bad news.” New security measures at Schiphol will also be announced.


I always make sure to fly through this Airport when I fly to Berlin. The Airport is always clean – especially important for the Restrooms. It’s a huge Airport and it’s always good to have extra time, just in case. There are plenty of different Shops and Restaurants. You can find anything you fancy. but my absolute favorite part of this Airport is flying with KLM. The Service in 1st Class is very good. The Food is always great. I enjoy these flights very much and look forward to my next Flight with KLM.

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How far in advance at the gate?

departures screen

What time do I have to be at the gate? The gate closes 15 minutes before departure. You can find the start time for boarding on your boarding pass. Make sure you are at the gate well in time; Unfortunately, after the gate has closed, we can no longer let you board.

From Amsterdam Airport To City



There are a few different ways to get from Amsterdam Airport to the city center. The most convenient option is to take a taxi or an Uber, which will take you directly to your destination. They’re available 24/7 and can get you into the city in about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

However, this can be quite expensive, especially during peak hours. It cost around 30 euros to go from Amsterdam Airport to the city centre by taxi or Uber.


dutch trains

Another option is to take the train. There are two train stations at the airport, and both have regular service to Amsterdam Central Station. The journey takes around 20 minutes and is very straightforward.

How to get from Amsterdam Airport to Maastricht?

Dutch city Maastricht with its river and old architecture

The NS intercity train is the best way to get from Amsterdam Airport to Maastricht. The journey takes 3 hours and 12 minutes, and trains depart every 30 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the station.

The scenery is beautiful, and you’ll be able to relax and unwind after your flight. When you arrive in Maastricht, you’ll be able to explore all that this historic city has to offer.

From world-class museums to charming cafes, there’s something for everyone in Maastricht.


bus near Amsterdam Vondelpark

Finally, there is a bus that runs from the airport to various stops in the city center. This can be a cheaper option than taking a taxi, but it takes slightly longer and can be more difficult to navigate with luggage. Whichever option you choose, getting from Amsterdam Airport to the city is relatively easy and stress-free.


metro Amsterdam

There is currently no metro connection from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station. But it will be one in the future! The so-called North/South line – which connects Amsterdam North with South – will be extended to Schiphol.

Seven Dutch organisations have agreed to jointly contribute 1.025 billion euros to extending the metro line to Schiphol and Hoofddorp.

In addition to Schiphol, the Transport Region, Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland, KLM and NS are also making a financial contribution. These organizations hope that the government will finance the rest, for example from the National Growth Fund.

From Amsterdam airport to Red Light District

It takes just 28 minutes to go to the RLD from Schiphol. If you’re looking to take public transportation from Schiphol Airport to the Red Light District, there are a few options available. One possibility is to take the train from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station, and then get on the number 4 tram heading towards Dam Square. Get out at tram stop: Beursplein.

Amsterdam Rotlichtviertel Straße

You can also take bus 197 from directly outside the airport terminal – this will drop you off at Leidseplein, which is just a short walk from the Red Light District.


Whichever option you choose, be sure to have your ticket or OV-chip card ready before boarding, as you’ll need to validate it in order to ride. With a little planning, getting from the airport to Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District is easy and convenient.

Amsterdam Airport Hotels

Hotel Schiphol

If you’re looking for a place to stay close to Amsterdam airport, there are plenty of great hotels to choose from. Book a hotel on (or near) Schiphol and get some rest. Make your trip comfortable!

The Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is just minutes from the airport and offers a free shuttle service to and from the terminals.

hotel room Schiphol

The nearby Marriott Amsterdam Airport is also a great option, with its convenient location and shuttle service.

Other popular hotels in the area include the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Center and the Crowne Plaza Amsterdam-Schiphol. Whichever hotel you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer without having to worry about being too far from the airport.


Yotelair hotel

Yotelair Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a great hotel for those looking for a convenient and comfortable place to stay before their flight. The hotel is located ON THE AIRPORT. Just a short walk from the terminal, and it offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. Yotelair also offers a free breakfast buffet each morning, and the rooms are spacious and well-equipped.


Transit hotel

In addition, the staff is friendly and helpful, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that guests have a pleasant stay. Overall, Yotelair Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a great choice for those looking for a convenient, comfortable, and affordable place to stay before their flight.


This hotel on Schiphol is rated with a 7.1/ 10 with 1,466 reviews.


Car Hire

car rent

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a car at Schiphol Amsterdam airport. First, be sure to compare rates between different companies. There are a number of car rental companies located at the airport, so it’s worth taking the time to find the best deal.

Second, make sure to book your rental car in advance. This will help to ensure that you get the car you want and avoid any last-minute surprises. Finally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local traffic laws before driving off. With a little planning, hiring a car at Schiphol Amsterdam airport can be a breeze.

Amsterdam Airport Parking

cars parked

Amsterdam Airport Parking costs €4.00 per hour for the first three hours, and then €2.00 per hour for each additional hour up to a maximum of €40.00 per day. If you’re staying longer than two days, you can get a discount by prepaying for your parking.

Amsterdam Airport also offers a Park & Ride service, which allows you to park your car at one of their off-site locations and then take a shuttle bus to the airport. This costs €8.50 per day, and reservations are required.

Finally, Amsterdam Airport offers a valet parking service, which costs €25.00 per day. With this service, you can drop your car off at the airport and have it brought to you when you return. Amsterdam Airport has a wide range of parking options to suit any budget, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Shopping at Schiphol


Don’t go home empty-handed. Make your loved ones happy with some nice souvenirs from the Netherlands. When you’re shopping at Schiphol, you have a wide range of options available to you.

There are plenty of shops selling Dutch souvenirs, as well as international brands like Swatch and MAC. You can also find a number of Duty Free stores, where you can buy alcohol, tobacco, and cosmetics. In addition, there are several places to eat and drink at the airport, so you can refuel before your flight.


With so many options available, Schiphol is the perfect place to do some last-minute shopping before you head off on your trip.

Tax Free

Tax Free Shopping at Schiphol no longer exists for most destinations. Where it was previously possible to buy items without VAT and/or excise duties, today it is only possible at two destinations. Duty-free shopping no longer exists.

Is there a supermarket in Amsterdam airport?

Albert Heijn is a supermarket chain in the Netherlands, with stores throughout the country, including at Amsterdam’s airport. Albert Heijn offers a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, meat, and dairy, as well as non-food items such as toiletries and household goods.

Albert Heijn also has a loyalty program called “AH Bonuskaart,” which gives shoppers discounts on their purchases. Albert Heijn is a convenient option for travelers who need to pick up groceries before their flight or after they land.

The Albert Heijn at Amsterdam airport is open from 7am to 9pm, seven days a week. You can find it on the Departures level, next to Check-in 3.

Amsterdam Airport Smoking area


Want to light a cigarette or cigar before or after your flight? Since 1 April 2020, it’s no longer possible to smoke in the terminal at Schiphol. This is the result of a decision of the Supreme Court, which has determined that smoking areas in Dutch catering industry must be closed.

It is not allowed allowed to smoke inside Schiphol Amsterdam airport, which makes it a smoke-free airport. The only smoking area at Schiphol can be found outside on Jan Dellaertplein.

Is Schiphol the only airport in Amsterdam?

blue KLM airplane on Amsterdam airport arriving in the Netherlands

If you’re thinking of flying into Amsterdam, you might be wondering if there’s only one airport to choose from. The answer is yes! Amsterdam has only one airport.

However, there are actually three airports serving the Netherlands. The largest and busiest of these is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which is located just outside the city centre. There’s also Amsterdam Airport Lelystad, which is located in the east of the Netherlands, and Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is located in the south.

So whether you’re looking for convenience or price, you should be able to find an airport that suits your needs.

How big is Amsterdam airport?

Amsterdam airport is 27 square kilometers. Amsterdam airport is one of the busiest airport in the world This large size allows the airport to have a lot of space for parking, runways, and terminals. The airport has been growing since it was first built and currently serves over 63 million passengers annually.

Can I get to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport between 1am-5am?

Yes, you can get to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport between 1am and 5am. According to the Dutch railroad company, there’s a train going to Schiphol from Amsterdam Centraal at least every hour.

Taxis and ride-sharing services are generally available 24/7, but fares may be higher during off-peak hours.

If you’re planning to travel to Schiphol Airport during the early morning hours, be sure to check the schedules and plan ahead to ensure you have a smooth journey.

Amsterdam and Beyond

While Schiphol Airport is a hub for international travel, it’s also conveniently located for exploring the city of Amsterdam and the surrounding area. If you have a layover or delay, there are plenty of things to do within easy reach of the airport. For example, you can take a train from the airport to Amsterdam’s city center and explore the famous canals, museums, and landmarks. Alternatively, you could rent a bike and explore the countryside around Amsterdam or visit nearby cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam, or Utrecht.

If you have a longer stay in Amsterdam, there are countless things to see and do. Some popular attractions include the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, and the Rijksmuseum. You can also explore Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops and nightlife scene or take a canal tour to see the city from a unique perspective.

If you’re planning to venture outside of Amsterdam, there are plenty of day trips to choose from. For example, you could visit the picturesque fishing villages of Marken and Volendam, explore the windmills at Kinderdijk, or visit the historic city of Haarlem. No matter what your interests, there’s something for everyone in and around Amsterdam.

Travel Safely: Tips for Your Journey

Savoring Amsterdam’s delightful snacks is just the start of your adventure. Traveling abroad brings the joy of discovery, but it’s essential to navigate safely. Our comprehensive guide to Tips for Safe Travel Abroad provides valuable insights to ensure your journey is not only memorable but also secure. From safeguarding your belongings to understanding local customs, these tips are designed to keep you well-prepared for a hassle-free experience.


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