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Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam


Discover the Rembrandt House Museum, where history and art collide. Here, Rembrandt’s legacy is as vivid as his art, despite the shadow of his fall from grace. This museum isn’t just a window into the past; it’s a journey into the heart of creativity that continues to resonate today. Unveil this narrative with us, and see why it’s more than a museum—it’s a chapter of art history waiting to be explored.

History of the Rembrandt House

The Rembrandt House Museum is not just a building where the famed Dutch artist lived; it is a historical monument with a rich past. Originally built in 1606, the house was purchased by Rembrandt in 1639 at the height of his fame and became his home until he went bankrupt in 1656. The house witnessed the creation of some of his most significant works. After Rembrandt’s residency, the house changed hands several times before being opened as a museum in 1911. The museum has since been carefully restored to reflect its 17th-century condition, providing visitors with an authentic view of Rembrandt’s life and times. The history of this house is meticulously preserved, allowing visitors to step back in time and walk through the same rooms that Rembrandt did, offering an immersive glimpse into the artist’s world.



See How The Dutch Painter Rembrandt Lived

Museum Amsterdam

This beautiful old building in the centre of Holland’s capital, this is now a museum. This was the place where the great Dutch painter Rembrandt worked and lived from the year 1639 till 1658. Built in 1606, the year in which Rembrandt was born, this beautiful shuttered house was where the great master spent 19 years of his life, after which bankruptcy forced Rembrandt to leave.

Rembrandt’s Life and Work

The Rembrandt House Museum serves as a testament to the life and work of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, one of the most important figures in Dutch art history and a giant of the Baroque period. This was not only his home but also his studio, where he painted, taught, and sold his works. During the 20 years Rembrandt lived in this house, he created many of his masterpieces, including renowned portraits and biblical scenes. The museum highlights this period of his life, showcasing how his art evolved and how his personal life, including tragedies and financial struggles, impacted his work. By providing context to his creations with exhibits of his belongings and works, the museum offers a comprehensive insight into Rembrandt’s artistry and personal history.



Collection and Exhibitions

At the heart of the Rembrandt House Museum is its impressive collection of Rembrandt’s etchings, which are considered as significant as his paintings. The museum boasts an almost complete collection of his work in this medium, showing his skill and innovation as a printmaker. The permanent collection also includes a number of his paintings, providing a broad overview of his artistic repertoire. Additionally, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions that can range from displays of contemporary artists inspired by Rembrandt to thematic exhibitions that delve deeper into different aspects of 17th-century art and culture. These exhibitions are often enriched with loans from other major museums and private collections, offering a fresh perspective on Rembrandt’s influence on the art world.



Dutch Golden Age

Rembrandt House Museum Amsterdam

An inventory from the Dutch Golden Age – the 17th-century – was used to carefully refurbish the house with furniture, objects and art Rembrandt’s day to create the Rembrandt House Museum.

Visit the studio, the living quarters, the old kitchen of Rembrandt van Rijn and imagine what’s like to live in the 17th-century. The Rembrandt House describes the story of Rembrandt the man, painter, teacher, collector, inspirer, entrepreneur and resident of Amsterdam. The collection of Golden Age pieces of art gives an impression of the world and surroundings of Rembrandt van Rijn.

This museum also owns a roughly complete collection of etchings made by Rembrandt, a selection of which is regularly on display.

Rembrandt Elephant Drawing

Rembrandt Museum Amsterdam

In the year 1637, a young albino elephant was brought Holland’s capital from Sri Lanka (formally known as Ceylon) and was the subject of a marvelous pencil drawing by Rembrandt. He was mesmerized by it. The animal even made an appearance on one of Rembrandt’s etchings called “Adam and Eve in Paradise”. See if you can find it inside. If not, then you can also go to the Nieuwe Batavierstraat 2. Here you’ll find a gablestone celebrating this famed elephant. It’s just a 4 minute walk.

Rembrandt House Etching

Rembrandt House Museum Amsterdam

Every day, the demonstrations of the Rembrandt House show how etchings were printed back in the seventeenth century. The demonstrations are completely free of charge and are given in the former graphic workshop of Rembrandt. There are recurrent exhibitions showing pieces of art of contemporaries and predecessors of Rembrandt van Rijn. Also contemporary art is shown in the modern wing of the Rembrandt House Museum.

Educational Activities and Workshops

Education is a cornerstone of the Rembrandt House Museum’s mission. The museum offers a variety of workshops and activities aimed at both adults and children, allowing visitors to engage with Rembrandt’s techniques in a hands-on way. One can participate in etching workshops to understand the complexity and skill involved in this art form, or take part in painting workshops that mirror Rembrandt’s own methods. For those looking for a more in-depth understanding of the artist, the museum provides educational tours and lectures by experts in the field. These programs are designed to provide a deeper appreciation of Rembrandt’s work and his contribution to art history, making the museum a place of learning and discovery.

This museum is really worth a visit!



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