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Offbeat Amsterdam Red Light District Tour

Unfortunately, the municipality of Amsterdam has introduced a Red Light District tour ban in 2019. As a result, it is forbidden to get a guided tour in this well-known neighborhood. This new law applies to all tour operators. The only way to get an Amsterdam Red Light District tour is through the Amsterdam Audio Stories app.

This app contains a virtual guide, 22 experts, GPS map and lots of photos. Download the app and be informed by stories from police officers, prostitutes, local residents, historians, sociologists, entrepreneurs, sexologists, etc. They tell you everything you need to know about Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Explore the Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District

Explore Amsterdam’s mos famous area together with one of our licensed guides. After a short orientation on Dam Square, set off on foot through the Red Light District for a thorough understanding of the Dutch people’s more liberal, yet regulated, approach to legal sex work.

See the hundreds of window brothels with sex workers and experience how the Red Light District is part of daily life. The local guide will talk at length about the origins, Dutch history, and modern-day iterations of the Red Light District and what it means to Amsterdam’s culture as a whole.

The Amsterdam Red Light District

Amsterdam Red Light District tours

During this interesting walking tour you’ll see how safe and clean Amsterdam’s Red Light District actually is. This is perhaps the safest place for sex workers to do their profession. It’s not for nothing that foreign sex workers are coming to the Netherlands.

Here, they’re protected by the police, brothel operators and by the local community. Most Dutch are in favour of legal prostitution and think that window prostitution is inextricably linked to Amsterdam.

Red Light District Amsterdam

In the middle of the Red Light District – just next to a church – there’s even a beautiful statue for prostitutes with a plaque that reads: “Respect sex workers all over the world.”

The local Salvation Army also helps the sex workers. Every week they go to the window brothels, offer the sex workers something to drink and ask if they are okay or need any help.

Fun Thing To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Red Light District condom shop

This tour is one of those fun things that you only get to do in Amsterdam. Besides being educational our guides are also great story tellers and all around funny guys. Prostitution is the main topic and will be discussed with respect to the prostitutes and their work, but you can also expect a lot of jokes and fun stories related to taboo topics that the tour will also delve into.

Many other different topics that have a connection to Amsterdam’s Red Light District will be discussed. Things like; the Dutch approach to sex eduction, coffeeshops, Dutch drugs policies and prevention methods.

Download this Amsterdam Red Light District Tour app and learn how this part of town represents the liberal and open-minded Dutch culture.

Red Light District Tour Highlights

Fun things to do in Amsterdam

  • The first condom shop in the world
  • Prostitutes
  • Dutch history & culture
  • Learn about local laws & safety policies
  • Smart shops
  • Classical Dutch canal houses
  • Narrow alleys filled with window brothels
  • Amsterdam’s last peep show
  • Cannabis Shops or “coffeeshops”
  • Famous Amsterdam architecture
  • Prostitutes at the Latin American corner
  • Dutch tolerance
  • Street art
  • The Old Church, Amsterdam’s oldest building
  • The Dutch stock exchange
  • Chinatown & Nieuwmarkt

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Awesome tour with great tour guide!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 23, 2020

a friend of mine from high school and I went on this walking tour together and the tour guide was very friendly and apart from his vast knowledge of Amsterdam’s history, a lot of it pertaining to sex work and drugs of course, he was also just a very friendly and bubbly guide who was fun to talk to and had a lot of interesting stories. It was a great time!